KeerBotDraw – simple mouse sketches to g-code gcode for KeerBot

While working on the KeerBot, I needed a simple application that will generate G-code from simple drawings, (for all kinds of debugging), so I asked my friend Mr. Roth for help, and he did the KeerBotDraw 

KeerBotDraw1Generally, I was using Dan’s software suit (Makelangelo), but the need to go through Inkscape and Cambam and then edit manually the G-Code was too long.

The software is straight forward – open it, setup the canvas size (0,0) is in the middle of the canvas, draw and then save the drawing. set the pen up pen down values (for the servo) you’ll get a text file of G-code commands and that’s it.  you can download it from here and for more details go to Israel’s blog

I think this can be very useful for debugging and for simple sketches – and thanks again !



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