IOIO OTG micro controller activates KeerBot drawing robot

KeerBot has a new IOIO OTG brain ! replacing the Arduino with the new IOIO OTG  micro controller is slowly approaching, and the first step is right described right here in this post. KeerBot IOIO OTG

The future is here! The next generation of KeerBot projects is slowly coming… In the next generation the good old Arduino will be replaced by the more exotic IOIO OTG (If it’s the first time you hear of it – spend few moments reading about it here), and since the IOIO OTG speaks fluently with the smartphone (Android) through Bluetooth (BT) I say “Bye Bye” to the tons of wires that had to be carried by the KeerBot everywhere it went (4 wires for stepper X2, 3 wires for servo, 2 meters each…) Now all I need to make it work is 12V wire, and a smartphone. Cool ! ain’t it ?!

Instead of diving into the image trying to get thIOIO OTG_02e hardware I used,Inventory:

  • IOIO OTG by SeeedStudio
  • BT Dongle by DealExtreame
  • 2 stepper driver a4988 by Pulolo
  • 2 Steppers
  • 12V Power supply
  • Chassis,bolts, nuts,wires – improvise (will publish when final)

Few important notes: in the last few weeks I am getting help from a brilliant and super cool guy named D#@$ , he is a software engineer and that means that the Android Keerbot Application (yeah – #$@ application) will be available soon, so stay tuned.

I also want to thank Ytai for his great job creating the IOIO –Ytai’s blog


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