ArduinoDroid – Developing for Arduino with Android

Finally – An application that enables youArduinoDroid logo to develop and edit Arduino applications directly from your Android! requires only a cable and that’s it!



ArduinoDroid is a new application, free in the play store here, tat enables you to write and edit Arduino sketches from your Android device, anytime, everywhere. it supports wide range of Boards, and performs the compilation of the sketches on the android device, eliminating the need for a laptop/workstation during the debugging phase of the project.

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Arduino

If you are an Arduino developer – you must know that you need to have a computer with a cable to work on the sketches, while most of the time it is comfortable (since you have keyboard for coding, big screen for debugging, and a table to lay all the stuff that is connected to the Arduino).

When you finish the core development and head to the field test you need to twink the parameters, to change something etc’, the laptop (even if you have MacBook air ;) is quite a hassle… Here comes this app for your assistance: you can simply connect a common USB cable (USB B plut to OTG – like this), and start editing the code where ever you are, while editing the code on the smartphone might seem not practical, using a tablet may be a very good solution when working on a project that involves everything beyond your table. (I guess that the majority of the Arduino projects)

USB B Plug to otg cable ArduinoDroid

USB B Plug to otg cable ArduinoDroid

I wanted to support the app, maybe I will, but supporting through “in app purchase” seems problematic to me – what about paypal ? google play ?




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