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In this site you can find a project I am currently working on, A wall painting robot – Open source hardware !

The application of paintings with this robot is quite simple – you hang the robot on two straps, and let it travel on the wall while painting pre loaded drawings.

Tech stuff:
The technologies currently implemented here are Arduino and Matlab (the Arduino is controlling the motors and the Matlab is the “Brain” of the whole system). If you’re  interested in more technical details have a look into the technical forum.

Art stuff:
There’s still not much in this since the “tech stuff” is not ready, but I do plan that people (you) will perform all kind of crazy art with that and publish it in the forum and the KeerBot Facebook page.


There will be many more to come in this project – I have big plans for it, and I will be glad to have your comments about it.

About me:
I am Gilad and I am a mechanical engineer at a company called “BrightSource“, by day I design Concentrated Solar Power Thermal power plants and whenever I have some time left I play with ideas and technology. In this project few of my friend are already involved and contributed (code mainly).

{WaveGilad at walla dot co do il}

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