3D scanning at home – Autodesk Recap

Today, i had the pleasure to go to Autodesk’s event, in the event I spoke to their R&D crew and heard of some new cool stuff they have – High quality 3D Scanning (Recap here) and ShapeShifter (here) that can generate really cool artistic 3D models and give you the file for printing.

Autodesk_Recapp_LogoAutodesk Recap – This service is the professional version of the 123D catch, while it is still free (heard the not for long), uploading pictures will generate 3D model quite fast and will let you download it for your use (OBJ/RCM file formats)

Autodesk ShapeShifter – Is an in browser model generator for 3D printing that enables fast generation of really cool models, that can be easily used later (Blender, Meshlab) Autodesk_Shaeshifter




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