Robotic spray – Now i can draw, graffiti robot

remote controlled spray ! finally I made it – graffiti robot

p1Many designs ran through my head, but I wanted to stick to the KISS methodology (Keep Is Simple, Stupid!), so I tried not to include any special manufactured parts, only staff i had at home (which I will find cheap replacements) so now the KeerBot has a on/off spray,

The pity is that I need to find walls now …

p2I will not explain since it is not needed – Just have a look at the sketch and the structure and you’ll figure everything.

Sorry about the movie – can anyone recommend about a good and simple Windows/Linux software that edits videos (.mp4) movie maker doesn’t. (hey – But you can enjoy Mark Ronson !)

If anybody is interested the small profiles are by MicroRax (Bought them for another project, find them expensive but very useful)


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