Robotic Painter – Long Distance Art

Artistic Robots – (as funny as it sounds) are becoming more and more popular, in this project “Long Distance Art” by the Strukt team, robots repeats after human painter, in real time, and create perfect replicas.

Robots that paint are becoming more popular and it seems that it is no longer a challenge for robot experts to perform almost any drawing in various types of techniques. (as can be seen here and here and here).

In this project an artist sat in a show in Vienna, and made a drawing, while two other robots, in real time, copied his painting in shows in two very far away locations (London and Berlin). The concept is not new and was proven to be possible for surgery (see here and here),  but it is still very interesting to watch.

Long Distance Art - One Artist, Two Robots, Three paintings

Long Distance Art – One Artist, Two Robots, Three paintings

A link to the project’s page at Strukt site : Long Distance Art


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