Online professional electrical and mechanical suppliers

In this post I will review major mechatronics suppliers (electrical and mechanical), these are who supply the motors, cabling, screens, LEDS, buttons, tools etc’. There are many suppliers: Mouser, Digikey, Rs Components, Arrow and many more. All offer good equipment, specifications and delivery. Essential for any project.

So, In the previous post I explained how to get 3D CAD models of the mechanical part required for the project, I’ll bet that most of the projects these days integrate some kind of electro-mechanical integration whether it will be small IOT device or 15[m] production line machine.

Stepper motor

Example: finding stepper motor (electrical mechanical part)

Let’s dive directly to the practicals – and get a stepper motor for our project, (used in every 3D printer, robot and printer) we can either browse through the menus:

Apply the filters and get the desired stepper motor (Or you can use the search option).

Important note:

One important note about these sites, they will stock the common items, and give you general idea of what is available in the market (very important) but if a special actuator is needed – more accurate, energy saver, faster, or any other feature – it will require much deeper research work in finding the right product and supplier, Good luck!

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