Maker Must have – AfterShip – free package tracking service

As a maker, I order many items from all over the world (eBay, Aliexpress, DealExtreame, Seeed Studio, Amazon ,BangGood…). The probem is after I order them, I wait patiently for the packages. Until now I had to enter to each supplier and track the delivery via their site. NO MORE! – AfterShip – free package tracking service, does it for me.

AfterShip Logo

The procedure is simple – you open an account here, and then you can insert all of your tracking to one place and track them. The service supports over 200 carriers, all over the world, its free, and lately they published also mobile applications (AfterShip Android App, AfterShip iPhone app).

AfterShip Menu imageAfterShip can track your delivery, Send you notifications (email/sms), you can personalize the service or even integrate it into your site! I found it very useful and I think you might too. Enjoy.

Open AfterShip accout

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