DrawBot projects review – I found that many people around the globe are doing this project (wall plotter) and many interesting approches were taken, see this link for a review.

Makelangelo – Interesting project of drawing robot.

Drawing machine – few nice guys from Norway made their own interpenetration for the drawing concept

Graffiti Analysis – Project that performs connection between graffiti and computer graphics and GML – Same as XML but for graffiti

Arduino – The micro controller that opened the door for me and many others

Matlab – Amazing software! – can do anything an engineer/scientist will ever want

Vector graphic sources:

  • The Noun Project – Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World’s Visual Language
  • – The free vector search engine
  • – The online royalty free public domain clip art.

Hobbyist sources – Tons of suppliers that can supply components for you

Or Electronic

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