Jerusalem mini maker faire

Yesterday I visited the first Israeli Maker faire  in Jerusalem! This is my second visit to the maker faire (the first was in Las Vegas few months ago) and I was so glad that I visited:

The atmosphere was great, many people shared their projects, I wasn’t ready to qualify. and was surprised to find another project like mine (graffiti robot), I couldn’t get the maker’s detail maybe through here somehow. (he uses motors mounted on the wall, timing belts and a genuine Matlab software – as I started)

a3I also found our final engineering robot (that still works!) presented by Dr Amir Shapira, a1PowerUp, a great project, which is also a product is a motor and propeller for paper planes ! it is a kit that you can buy here and start to have fun. (by Shai Goitein)

a4and last – I joined a workshop of building a lamp from kitchen stuff, and here is my creation (that is actually being presented in the museum)a2

So – Whoever is close to JLM city in the near future – go to have some good time at the Jerusalem science museum.


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