Generating GCode using Inkscape

Generating G-code (using Inkscape) for the Keerbot means taking a drawing and translating it so the Keerbot will know where to go on the drawing board (X Y terms) and whether to lift or lower the pen servo (Z axis)

Since Dan introduced me to InkScape that can generate the drawings, and then prepared it with CamBam, I searched for a solution that will eliminate the need for Cambam – and I found it !


Generation of G-Code InkScape and G-Code plugin:


  1. InkScape: (might be already with the G-code plugin in the installation)

  2. GCodetools:



  1. Have a drawing on the InkScapboard.

  2. Select it

  3. Goto: “Extensions-Gcodetools-orientation points”

  4. Select “3 points Mode…” (in “orientation” tab)

  5. Click “Apply” wait… Click “Close”

  6. Goto: “Extensions-Gcodetools-Tools library”

  7. Select “Cylinder” (in “Tools library” tab)

  8. Click “Apply” wait… Click “Close” ( you should get something like that – with big green rectangle)

  9. Goto: “Extensions-Gcodetools-Engraving”

  10. Goto “Options” tab

  11. Fill box “Offset along Z-axis” with the Servo down (drawing ON) position of your KeerBot (Makelangelo)

  12. Goto “Preferences” tab

  13. Fill box “Z-Safe height for G00 move over blank” with the DELTA of Servo up (drawing OFF) position of your KeerBot (Makelangelo)

Servo down value=50
Servo up value=70
“Offset along Z-axis”= 50
“Z-Safe height for G00 move over blank”= 20

* Note: the low position will not be 50 but 49.99943 or something similar.

  1. Fill “File” and “Directory” for your convenience.

  2. Goto “Engraving” tab

  3. Click “Apply” wait… ,Click “OK” on popup window , Click “Close”

  4. You should have your G-Code (.ngc) file ready for use !

G00 Z33.000000

G00 X75.502770 Y66.560391

 G01 Z24.633422 F100.0(Penetrate)

G01 X75.796818 Y66.926998 Z25.000000 F400.000000

G01 X75.502770 Y66.560391 Z24.633422

G01 X75.652235 Y66.746743 Z24.819745

G01 X75.035664 Y65.742398 Z24.000002

G01 X79.443693 Y45.906296 Z24.000002

G01 X79.702830 Y45.303216 Z24.122148

G01 X80.634925 Y45.155557 Z25.000000

G01 X79.702830 Y45.303216 Z24.122148

G01 X79.702830 Y45.303216 Z24.122148

G01 X79.473298 Y45.287327 Z24.000002

G01 X79.500307 Y45.298841 Z24.000002

G01 X78.737489 Y44.973298 Z24.000002

G01 X78.312321 Y44.886261 Z24.000002

G01 X78.193251 Y44.864925 Z24.000002


Enjoy !

8 thoughts on “Generating GCode using Inkscape

  1. Thank you for give us such a clearly instruction.
    I meet some trouble in the last step . After I clicked the close button, an error comes out and said “Please select at least one path to engrave and run again.”
    Could you please tell me how to avoid this error?
    Best regards

    • You need to select one of the drawing that you made on the screen – and then it suppose to know what do you want to make into G-code.
      BTW – what is your use ? can you show pictures?

      • Thanks!
        I get the gcode now.
        Can you tell me what is the usage of the big green retangle? After I got the .ngc file ,there is also a pop-up message said “Tool ‘Cylindrical cutter’ has no shape. 45 degree cone assumed!” . What ‘s that mean?
        I am going to make a small laser engraving machine, so I need to learn how to transform a picture(not a picture created in the inkscape) into a .ngc file. Do you know how to do this?
        (Sorry, I cant find the button to attach a picture..)

        • If I remember right – the green rectangle is the one that has all the parameters for the g-code (milling tool, speed etc)
          Maybe you have a blog ? website to show your work – its interesting!

  2. Hello . I am using inkscape for the gcode but I am unable to get the .. ” .gcode ” extension in the save menu .. I have reinstalled so many times.. But I am unable to save the file in .gcode format ..

  3. its showing error will saving

    “”””Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “”, line 108, in


    File “C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\”, line 283, in affect


    File “”, line 102, in effect


    File “C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\unicorn\”, line 230, in parse

    self.svgWidth = self.getLength(‘width’, 354) * 0.28222

    TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for *: ‘NoneType’ and ‘float'”””””

    what to do ??????

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