DIY omni directional wheels by KeerBot

Beware,Tech stuff! KeerBot needs to move on the walls to all directions, so I developed a DIY Omni  directional wheel.

Omni directional wheel is a wheel that enables the moving to all sides, it is actually a ball that slides on the housing (as can be seen here in sparkfun). the other thing that can be seen in that link is the price…after I bought some wheels, that got stuck by the spray paint test here, I though of two issues:

  • To make it cheaper
  • To make it simpler (again, KISS principle), and use parts that are available and already in use. * It helped me that my wheel are not carrying any weight, but only support the chassis from being dragged on the painted wall.

DIY Omni directional wheels by KeerBot


As you can see it is some laser cut plywood (will work better with Perspex), some bolts and ping-pong balls (light, cheap and available).


DIY Omni directional wheels by KeerBot

I think that the solution with some minor changes (metal balls/PA balls/ Perspex chassis …)  can fit any need for omni-wheel, Enjoy!



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