Mar 05

Just do it – KeerBot

After talking to a smart friend of mine, i got the input that my site is too boring and without graphics and videos.

I took it into my attention and made something nice for him (Thanks ES!)

Swoosh_plus_KeerbotThe KeerBot made it really easy – with the modified head.The film is divided into 2 parts, as soon as I manage to understand Avidemux (Linux) I promise to make it one part.

Mar 02

Tech work on KeerBot – this is what weekends are made for…


After the great week I had in the KeerBot project, I had to spend some time in the weekend to really implement all of the ideas I though during the week.


The main change I made is to transfer my bot from using timing belt to use wires and spools. There might be little decrease in the precision, but it lacks the need for counter weights for keeping the belt tightened which is a big advantage. So I tried using a fishing wire that was good in the term of strength but not good in elasticity (the robot jumped like a spring after each movement), I tried cotton wire (too thick) and finally found a wire from my wife’s sewing kit, (can bee seen in the picture).

I tried the supplied graphics within Dan’s project and learned a bit about canvas sizes and all – and even had a chance to load few graphics of my own.





Feb 26

First KeerBot run using Marginally Clever’s (Dan) code !!!

I am glad to announce that starting today, KeerBot can actually Draw !!!

It turns out to be that Chris Anderson was right in his book – He adviced to share your project and ask the crowd to support you and he was right !

Tom directed me to Dan in the very first day after I published my site, and here I am, a week after with a Drawing Robot !!!


The KeerBot can now draw G code files, Can’t wait to see what will be next days.

Good night. (00:57)

(BTW – I will host the firmware changes in Dan’s Github once properly documented)

Feb 19

Code diggin’

So –

After TOM gave me the starting code on how to implement Drawbot on  my creation, (thanks for the phone support ! Like !) I started digging into the code – generally understanding there are 3 parts:

  • Java – Runs on the PC and load G-code drawings  into the system
  • G-Code – The actual code that says the Drawbot where to move to
  • Firmware – The code that runs in the Arduino, and operates the motors

I found that the parts that needed to be changed are the Arduino (since I am not using Adafruit’s Stepper shield, but Pololu’s driver) which is a bit different.

beside that I need to insert the physical dimensions of my system and then to compile and run the code. Sounds easy hope it will be that way.


So I found the CORE:

The original code is calling an Adafruit’s motor shield (arduino.ino):
static AF_Stepper m1((int)STEPS_PER_TURN, M2_PIN);
        static AF_Stepper m2((int)STEPS_PER_TURN, M1_PIN);

and then gives orders to one of the motors:

I need to replace the motor commands by simple orders to the motors (digital out 1 or 0 for direction and 1 for step) that will use the same parameters as the Adafruit’s functions.
that will make the code shorter, thinner and without hassle

Feb 17

DrawBot Ver 2.0

A very talented guy named Tom Sofer, replied to my post at facebook’s Keerbot group showing his last creation.

Tom says:”As a publicity project for the new makerspace “XLN Haifa” I started working on my own implementation for the Drawbot polar-graph robot.
I designed my own carriage to fit “expo” style whiteboard markers, which are relatively heavy and tend to point upwards, so it needs a big counterweight which will not erase the markings.
Next step is to design a new carriage with servo mount and implement pen up/down.”

seems very impressive, what do you think ?