Mar 24

3D objects with laser cutter

Laser cut art

Most of us know of laser cutting, same routine:

    1. You design a 2D drawing of the cuts you need and save it.
    2. You go to the nearest laser cutter and put a material on the plate.
    3. You insert your design and operate the machine.
    4. You get the parts out from the plate that look like this –                 (* Yes, I know that steps 2,3,4 can be skipped by services as Ponoko)

Smart people from Hasso Plattner institute found a way to use regular laser cutter to manufacture 3D objects. as can be seen here:

you can see details here.

Mar 21

Autodesk 123D Catch @ XLN TLV

123D Catch is a great solution for home 3D scanning (project  I used that), it enables you to get objects from reality into 3D model in the computer

today I went to a meeting at a club called XLN Tel Aviv with expert from Autodesk Dr. Eyal Nir, He explaind all needed to start using the application (iPhone, webapp, window app), and gave some really interesting tips about Autodesk’s 123D products family.



Wated to thanks to the XLN crew – Sefi, Matan, Arnon for the event.

Mar 18

Jerusalem mini maker faire

Yesterday I visited the first Israeli Maker faire  in Jerusalem! This is my second visit to the maker faire (the first was in Las Vegas few months ago) and I was so glad that I visited:

The atmosphere was great, many people shared their projects, I wasn’t ready to qualify. and was surprised to find another project like mine (graffiti robot), I couldn’t get the maker’s detail maybe through here somehow. (he uses motors mounted on the wall, timing belts and a genuine Matlab software – as I started)

a3I also found our final engineering robot (that still works!) presented by Dr Amir Shapira, a1PowerUp, a great project, which is also a product is a motor and propeller for paper planes ! it is a kit that you can buy here and start to have fun. (by Shai Goitein)

a4and last – I joined a workshop of building a lamp from kitchen stuff, and here is my creation (that is actually being presented in the museum)a2

So – Whoever is close to JLM city in the near future – go to have some good time at the Jerusalem science museum.


Mar 16

The new presenter (or first experience)

I want more traffic, and I want to draw logos for people and get that traffic.
so I though of posting a gig at Fiverr, ( a great platform for one priced services, 5$…)

They asked me to have a video with a human in it, and I didn’t want to show off my accent, so I asked a nice girl to read some text for me (costed me 5$…)  an here I have – completely new presenter for KeerBot! can’t wait to see if it will effect the virality and traffic for the site. will update.

Currently waiting for my new logo (5$) and to see if the new edited video – not the one embedded here will be approved by Fiverr. cross fingers for me.


Mar 11

Drawing robot

As I mentioned before – trying to draw art might be the route, so I asked the nice friends at “GarageGeeks” to lead me to some vector graphics (So I can draw with the robot) and I got few, links will be added into the “links page” soon.

So I asked KeerBot to draw a robot – the result was quite basic (like a kids draw), its for you to judge: