May 11

Self folding robot

So – There’s this HUGE robotics convention, that I dream one day to go to  – ICRAICRA logo (if you have some pocket money to send me there you’re welcomed), It’s a place where all the best robotics scientists are being gathered to replace info and show off.

I saw this amazing folding robot, (Crawling Inchworm Robot) built from one plastic sheet, and they just add one motor and a battery and it moves! it attracted me both because it is a complete new way to manufacture robots (folded from flexible polymer) and the fact that the guy in the video mentioned, that the electro-active polymer (EAP) sheet (means a plastic that you run electricity through it and it moves) is really really cheap ! (1$~)

May 09

Innovative Digital Project Competition – Paris

Now hear a funny story:

few weeks ago while surfing the web, I saw an ad for a contest of innovation,that will take place in Paris, (Futur-en-Seine 2013) and should be a really cool thing to visit.So I wrote 3 lines (really – 3 lines !) and filled the KeerBot site into the right location, and forgot about the whole issue.

Suddenly I got a telephone call today from one of the organizers that said that i made it to the final stage of the contest!  he asked me what I need for a booth and what will I present, etc’. I was completely surprised and happy with that – It can be nice experience, and may expose the project to many people.

even if nothing will get out of it – it is a nice hint that I should return to work on the project, after neglecting it due to some (very happy) family issues.

Futur en Seine – Digital World Festival by Futur_en_Seine

So, there’s a chance for to go to Paris !!! cross fingers for me ! (I need to work on my French, currently zero… 🙂

Apr 10

Robotics applications by IEEE

Two mobile applications by IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that are great source for info for robotics hobbyists

  • – videos on subjects like wind power, biomedical engineering, and recycling computer and electronic products. New programs, recorded in high definition, are added monthly.
  • Robots for iPad – Robots for iPad is the best, most complete guide to the world of robotics. This fun, highly interactive app lets you explore over 100 real-world robots, with hundreds of animations, photos, videos, and articles.a1
Mar 24

3D objects with laser cutter

Laser cut art

Most of us know of laser cutting, same routine:

    1. You design a 2D drawing of the cuts you need and save it.
    2. You go to the nearest laser cutter and put a material on the plate.
    3. You insert your design and operate the machine.
    4. You get the parts out from the plate that look like this –                 (* Yes, I know that steps 2,3,4 can be skipped by services as Ponoko)

Smart people from Hasso Plattner institute found a way to use regular laser cutter to manufacture 3D objects. as can be seen here:

you can see details here.