Oct 12

Robotic Painter – Long Distance Art

Artistic Robots – (as funny as it sounds) are becoming more and more popular, in this project “Long Distance Art” by the Strukt team, robots repeats after human painter, in real time, and create perfect replicas.

Robots that paint are becoming more popular and it seems that it is no longer a challenge for robot experts to perform almost any drawing in various types of techniques. (as can be seen here and here and here).

In this project an artist sat in a show in Vienna, and made a drawing, while two other robots, in real time, copied his painting in shows in two very far away locations (London and Berlin). The concept is not new and was proven to be possible for surgery (see here and here),  but it is still very interesting to watch.

Long Distance Art - One Artist, Two Robots, Three paintings

Long Distance Art – One Artist, Two Robots, Three paintings

A link to the project’s page at Strukt site : Long Distance Art


I didn’t update the blog for long time, if you are interested you can have a look at my last project Remote control Toyota (that even got me a prize!!)

My Car Remotely controlled

and I had fun at GeekCon 2013 (here)


Aug 10

e-David real artistic painting robot

You must admire the following project: e-David painting robot, the closest thing to robot art so far, paints with water colors and fixes itself by computer vision based algorithms.

e-David Robot Painting from eDavid on Vimeo

Working on KeerBot exposes me to many interesting things people do with robots and on the boarder between robots technology and art. The e-David project (via ieee robotics) is one of the most amazing projects I saw so far, a robot that paints, with water colors (simpler version can be seen here). and analyses the resulting image in real time for autonomous artistic optimization (bit philosophical….)


Really impressive project that results nice images (will it be worthy one day, since it can be copied ?!)

Aug 05

KeerBotDraw – simple mouse sketches to g-code gcode for KeerBot

While working on the KeerBot, I needed a simple application that will generate G-code from simple drawings, (for all kinds of debugging), so I asked my friend Mr. Roth for help, and he did the KeerBotDraw 

KeerBotDraw1Generally, I was using Dan’s software suit (Makelangelo), but the need to go through Inkscape and Cambam and then edit manually the G-Code was too long.

The software is straight forward – open it, setup the canvas size (0,0) is in the middle of the canvas, draw and then save the drawing. set the pen up pen down values (for the servo) you’ll get a text file of G-code commands and that’s it.  you can download it from here and for more details go to Israel’s blog

I think this can be very useful for debugging and for simple sketches – and thanks again !



Jul 27

DIY omni directional wheels by KeerBot

Beware,Tech stuff! KeerBot needs to move on the walls to all directions, so I developed a DIY Omni  directional wheel.

Omni directional wheel is a wheel that enables the moving to all sides, it is actually a ball that slides on the housing (as can be seen here in sparkfun). the other thing that can be seen in that link is the price…after I bought some wheels, that got stuck by the spray paint test here, I though of two issues:

  • To make it cheaper
  • To make it simpler (again, KISS principle), and use parts that are available and already in use. * It helped me that my wheel are not carrying any weight, but only support the chassis from being dragged on the painted wall.

DIY Omni directional wheels by KeerBot


As you can see it is some laser cut plywood (will work better with Perspex), some bolts and ping-pong balls (light, cheap and available).


DIY Omni directional wheels by KeerBot

I think that the solution with some minor changes (metal balls/PA balls/ Perspex chassis …)  can fit any need for omni-wheel, Enjoy!



Jul 20

Spray Paint mechanism for KeerBot

Using spray paint is the next step forward a full outdoors graffiti drawing bot, and I am working on making it versatile and simple for some time now, the mechanism shown is a development of a previous concept, that can probably work on any paint (no matter size or how hard do you need to press)

Spray Painter KeerBotThe idea of the spray paint mechanism is to use only of the shelf parts, laser cut parts and zip ties. the plywood used for the alpha model is much more flexible then needed, next model will use hopefully better material, (any offers ?) (BTW – many thanks to Ohadme for his support)

You can see it works in the video:

Next week the spray guns I mentioned here are arriving, I intend to test and decide which is the best solution. (maybe Dan’s solution ??)







Jun 29

Can gun – Graffiti Paint Gun

Graffiti spray gun (can gun) will be a great addition to Keerbot, something that connects to a can and operates it.

KeerBot is great, that’s for sure. (I am completely objective), but it still needs to be able to draw on/draw off. I developed an mechanism for spraying (here), and it works great, but it is too clumsy, so I though – Someone probably already made something for that, some Graffiti spray gun, I searched the net, Amazon, AliExpress, MadeInChina and DealExtream and came out with few findings: the term for the search is “Can gun” and here are some products.

Can Gun

Can Gun

This product is meant to be mounted to a spray can and paint by pulling the trigger instead of pressing on the top of the can:

Can gun mounted to a spray can

Can gun mounted to a spray can

My idea is to get one of those (I ordered 2 from Amazon, rgds SElany!) and to hack them to be operated by Servo motor. If I will succeed, price wise it will be much more effective since it costs between 3.5-5.5$ and can be purchased easily, so stay tuned for my blog. much more will come soon!

(by the way – If someone saw/knows of an alternative solution to operate spray paint cans using servo, or any other simple way, or knows a hack for that, please reply in the post,

Jun 19

Robots in Architecture

I currently work on developing a better spray solution for the KeerBot (my current design), so I though “Why not just to ask the Google???” (or DuckDuckGo if you worry for your privacy), quite quick I found an article on “Robots in Architecture” in the site Shapeways.

Kuka robots draws graffiti - Architecture revolution ?

Kuka robots draws graffiti – Architecture revolution ?

Since there are no references to the actual parts used in the article, i was quite disappointed (if anyone find them please reply to the post). and in addition, I am trying to design a solution that will be based on laser cutting technology instead of 3D printing. (quicker, cheaper).

While reading the post, i was redirected to a very interesting site of the The international Association for Robots in Architecture, which is a group that tries to implement robotics in Architecture or (quote):” Robots in Architecture is engaged in applied research, soft- and hardware development, “robot pedagogics” – and in the question: how soon will robots revolutionize architecture?“, and they have quite an active and interesting blog. enjoy!.

Jun 06

PlotterBot? KeerBot? DrawBot?

I was just chillin’ round the web, and then suddenly I found this site, A guy that built a robot that draws on walls and called it PlotterBot. In addition, this nice guy made a list of similar projects around the web. so anyone can join the efforts at the current step and proceed.

MakerBlock Plot

I specially liked the project named “Der Kritzler” by Alex Weber, implemented DrawBot with Arduino and processing Language (Maybe I’ll run it on my unemployed Arduino Duemilanove ??)

So I see that there is very much already done in this project – I hope I can contribute some to it. gnite

Jun 01

Robotic spray – Now i can draw, graffiti robot

remote controlled spray ! finally I made it – graffiti robot

p1Many designs ran through my head, but I wanted to stick to the KISS methodology (Keep Is Simple, Stupid!), so I tried not to include any special manufactured parts, only staff i had at home (which I will find cheap replacements) so now the KeerBot has a on/off spray,

The pity is that I need to find walls now …

p2I will not explain since it is not needed – Just have a look at the sketch and the structure and you’ll figure everything.

Sorry about the movie – can anyone recommend about a good and simple Windows/Linux software that edits videos (.mp4) movie maker doesn’t. (hey – But you can enjoy Mark Ronson !)

If anybody is interested the small profiles are by MicroRax (Bought them for another project, find them expensive but very useful)


May 28

KeerBot Will Win

The Victory is in the hands of KeerBot !!! that’s for sure.victory

So I drew the famous V sign… for your amusement

By the way – you can see that in the current video the robot slide on balls instead of on the clumsy tube that used to support the robot – I used ball wheels and an original assembly (All from pre-made parts, I drilled 2 holes. The engineers between my readers will recognize the exploded view (It is easier in Solidworks…)