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Gallery HIT

HIT crew getting ready

Following my last post, there are some nice people who wants to put KeerBot in their gallery exhibition next week (HIT Holon, Israel), and I am very thankful and proud for that. BUT they want to make everything ready on time, the thing is that I don’t have anything (yet) ready and working, and since it’s not in my hands I can’t really give them a clear answer. This is part of the way open projects work, If someone feels like helping you so you might make it – but you can’t demand or pressurize since there’s no commitment, therefore I really don’t know if I can make it to the gallery with a working model (if so, WOW !!!)




My intention is the have the KeerBot App ready, which mean that you’ll have the Keerbot hanged on the wall at the gallery, and whoever downloads the app will be able to connect to it and draw some lines on the wall. surely amazing* !!                                               ( *might not happen… )  so stay tuned for updates.

Yes – there is a good platform, the mechanical and electronic assembly is good, all the parts are light and elegant packed on a laser cut piece of PVC:KeerBot IOIO OTG







it looks better then the last model’s:

KeerBot Initial model, 2 scrap stepper motors.

Constant pen pressure mechanism








I really hope to get the model working – but I intend to prepare a dummy model Just to be hanged at the exhibition.




Some other updates:

  • DannyR – A great guy is working very hard on the KeerBot IOIO App, In the meanwhile you can find his code at the KeerBot GitHub (which can be also accessed via tech/bits in the top site menu)
  • AlexK send me a really nice video of art and robotics (That I am always happy to share):

Industrial Light Painting from Jeff Crossman on Vimeo.




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